Together Is The Name
Of The Game

Give and you shall receive, right?
Give the gift of love.

COST: $0
RETURN: Priceless

No, no, no. This isn’t a once a year only on valentine’s day kinda thing. It’s an all year, all the time, so important to give and receive love kinda thing. We Empower and Rise together... That’s why we want to invite you to write a love note to the thousands of other women who receive love notes daily. What do you need to hear right now? What would you say to love up your BFF? Every other woman on the planet is inspired by you.

Here’s how this is gonna go down.

1. Write a love note (or 10)
2. We roll it into our love note collection
3. We send you an extra special gift to thank you
4. No strings attached

Easy Breezy.

We’ll get the love note over to our Empower and Rise editorial gal and send your love note to thousands of other women. I have a feeling you are about to send some serious Empower and Rise through the interwebs! Love big.

That’s it!

Your love is ready to send.
Giving love doesn’t cost a lot, but Woman, does it go far.
You are an inspiration.
Thank you.

Empower and Rise

P.S. You are just a love, empower, and rise machine. Power on! We are sending you your special gift + love notes daily as thanks. Unsub anytime.