We Believe In You

Our Beliefs

We believe in love. We believe that you are awesome...and we want to tell you how awesome you are everyday. We believe empowered women empower women and when this happens, we rise together.

Who Are We?

We are the team at Three Boudoir. We created Empower + Rise because we see women walk out of our photoshoots everyday more empowered than ever. And we want that feeling for all women, everywhere. We are a group of mothers, surfers, travelers, lovers, laughers, sisters, friends, believers, change makers

If you want to know more about us be sure to email us at
love @ empower and rise .com or hop on over to Three Boudoir to check us out.

Why my daily love note?

We know not everyone is ready for their day in front of the camera. We totally get it. But we are unstoppable in our love for the women on this planet...Including YOU. We wanted one more way to empower women and to remind you of how truly inspiring and amazing you are. We have literally done more than 10,000 photoshoots of women since we were founded so we’ve met a lot of women. That’s why we are confident singing your praises all over the place!


Empower + Rise and My Daily Love Notes are brought
to you by Three Boudoir.


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Email us at love@empowerandrise.com.